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Stock Pipe Conversion Photo page…

Here are the photos that were taken of Tommy “Road Runner’s” stock pipe conversion that we made.

We made this conversion in the 1st 500 miles since we wanted to get 1000 miles on the bike before jetting and EPA mods were performed. We wanted to add some after market pipes then … but wanted the deeper mellow sound bikes “are supposed to have” …. HeeHee.

We were going to do Mo’s conversion on Tweeks page but did not like the way they looked. We figured that cutting out with a Dremel tool was too slow and a torch would be faster and safer.

We drilled off the outer plate from the end of the pipes to expose a solid pipe with an opening to vent the exhaust. I then took an torch and cut out the inner baffle. This was done by cutting as close to the outer edge as possible but not close enough to heat the chrome to a blue color. I cut close to the center then re-cut to get as close to the edge as possible.

Once the inner baffle is then grasp with a pair of vice grip plyers and twisted out. This leaves a gaping hole with jagged edges around the opening.

This is then ground down with a circular grinder. This tool work very well but throws off tiny needle sharp filings. It is very important to wear protective clothing and eye ware.

Grinding down the rough edges to where there is no sharp edges and it looks like the pipe was rolled that way is a time consuming process.

As seen by the metal filings inside the pipes it is very important to wear good eye protection.

Once the edges are ground down you will have a lot of scraps inside the opening. I then spray a Hi-Temp flat black paint inside the pipe to cover the scratches as well as make it look well smooted up. It also protects the metal from rusting in the weather.

Well here is the final look of the pipes on Tommy’s “Road Runners” bike during its break in period.

I hope this has helped with the conversion. Because of the size of the exhaust input and the inner baffle there is very little change in back pressure. Therefore we did not have to re-jet the carb.

All that is left is to hop on and ride. Enjoy your new deep and melow sounding pipes.