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Vulcan 800 Modifications!

Do you have Vulcan modifications on your website?? Please drop me a note at [email protected] so I can link to you!

Carb Info and Modifications!
This is info on how to fix the “sneezing” and “backfiring” some of the 800’s have, “out-of-the-box”

My experiences and experiments to eliminate the Vulcan Sneezes/Backfires

Here’s an exploded view of the CV carb used on our Vulcans.

This is a cut-away drawing of the CV style carb used by our Vulcans. I’ll give you a good visualization as to how the carb works.

Here’s a good CV Carb Adjustment tutorial on the BikeTech website.

Here’s a CV Carb Adjustment tutorial on the FactoryPro website.

Hypercharger notes…
How to Hypercharge a Vulcan 800 by Cap’n Kirk

How to Hypercharger Mods to stop surging. Modifications to pressurize the carb bowl and improve performance with a Hypercharger. I’d recommend doing this to any Hypercharged Vulcan. These mods are described for the 800 Vulcan, but I’ve also modified a 1500 Vulcan the same way with great results…no stuttering in heavy head winds, etc.

Here are Cap’n Kirk’s Hypercharger observations

Afterburner mods…
This is the poop on how to remove the “Afterburner” that can cause your pipes to “blue”, exhaust to backfire, and generate more heat to blow across your legs in the summer…

Exhaust pipe mods…
Convert the Stock pipes to Super Megaphones!

More Stock Pipe Mods and Sounds!

This is a picture of the stock pipes on my bike after I drilled the end plates with a 1/4″ drill. It relieved enough back pressure that the engine was somewhat more responsive, and the plug color still looked ok. Sounded MUCH better, too.

Seat/Backrest/Saddlebag mods…
How to make hard bags from soft bags! A beautiful job found down on “Chop’s Pad”

Convert your stock seat into a Solo Saddle! You must see this cool piece of work over at Chop’s Place.

Lighting mods…
How to mod your turn signals to work Double Duty as Brake Lights!

Cap’n Kirk, VROC #928, made some cool changes to improve the lighting on his bike by changing the lamps to High Intensity Lamps. This info outlines the lamps he found to work.

800 Drive Train mods…
How to mod your 800 to eliminate the chain and switch to Belt Drive! This beautiful piece of work is by . This is the one of the original versions of the Belt Drive that I built about mid-1998. Click the button in the menu on the left to see my early belt drive, or go straight to Scootworks for more info.

How to mod your 800 to eliminate the chain and switch to Belt Drive! This was the early drive on my bike. Click HERE to see LoRidr’s beautiful belt drive system with intergrated disc brakes, attached to her custom rear wheel.

New Brake Pedal for the 800!
Here’s a great solution to the rear brake pedal design problem that many of us suffered through for thousands of miles. This is another beautiful piece of work at