China reaffirms sovereignty over Senkaku Islands

June 05, 2021 05:55 STI

Beijing [China], June 5 (ANI): Reaffirming claims of sovereignty over the Senkaku Islands, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Friday that Diaoyu Island (Senkaku) and its affiliated islands were part of the territory Chinese.
“Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands are part of Chinese territory. The patrol and law enforcement activities by the Chinese Coast Guard in these waters are legitimate and legal measures to safeguard sovereignty,” said Wang.
He also urged Japan to abide by the four-point consensus in principle between China and Japan and jointly maintain peace and stability in the East China Sea.
The four-point consensus in principle reached between China and Japan refers to a 2014 agreement that included a pledge to prevent the situation in the East China Sea from deteriorating through dialogue and consultation.
China has increased its maritime activities in the South China Sea and East China Sea in recent months, in part in response to Beijing’s concerns about the growing U.S. military presence in the region due to the escalation. Sino-American tensions.
Chinese government ships have entered Japanese waters off the Senkaku Islands and have been patrolling for 112 consecutive days.

This is China’s strongest “intervention” since the Japanese government “nationalized” the islands in 2012. Japan has repeatedly protested about it.
Japan controls the Senkaku Islands, however, China and Taiwan continue to claim them. Tokyo maintains that the islands are an integral part of its territory according to history and international law.
Responding to free delivery to Japan of 1.24 million doses of AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine to Taiwan, which more than doubled its current stocks. Wang said, “China always supports anti-epidemic cooperation and has made positive contributions to this end. We hope that the parties concerned will sincerely follow through on the initial aspiration to provide lifesaving vaccines, rather than obsessing over political positions.
Wang further said that China has always made it clear that it is ready to do everything possible to help Taiwan overcome the difficulties at an early date.
He blamed the Progressive Democratic Party (DPP) for obstructing the shipment of vaccines from the mainland to Taiwan.
“However, despite the goodwill of the mainland and the eagerness of the majority of Taiwanese compatriots to use the mainland’s vaccines, the authorities of the Progressive Democratic Party (DPP) have tried by all means to impede the shipping vaccines from the mainland to Taiwan, and even falsely claimed that the mainland was obstructing its vaccine supply, ”Wang said.
“For their own selfish political gains, the DPP authorities constantly seek political manipulation of anti-epidemic cooperation, showing contempt for the lives and health of fellow Taiwanese and violating the basic humanitarian spirit,” Wang added. . (ANI)

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