Locast Brings Free Local TV Streaming Service to Raleigh-Durham, NC

Nonprofit Locast is the only service to stream 40 local TV channels – for free – over the Internet in Raleigh-Durham

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Locast now offers 40 local TV channels via the Internet to residents of the Raleigh-Durham region.

RALEIGH, North Carolina, June 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Location, the only nonprofit, free local TV digital translator streaming service in the United States, now offers 40 local TV channels via the Internet – for free – to the nearly 3 million people living in the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Television, which includes Fayetteville, Chapel Hill and Rocky Mount. Raleigh is Locast 33rd market.

Within the Triangle – comprised of North Carolina State University, Duke University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Shaw University and others – Locast will help residents locals, students and military families stay informed about major storms and hurricanes, with updates on health, local news, weather and sports through their local television stations. Especially in hilly areas where live broadcast reception can be unreliable, residents of Raleigh-Durham can use Locast to watch their local TV channels via the internet on their phones, tablets, laptops or streaming media devices.

Raleigh-Durham and nearby Fayetteville are also home to many military families who may qualify for the Locast Cares Program – a way for users who cannot financially donate to watch their local TV channels without receiving donation request interruptions. The program is open to the first 25,000 applicants and available for one year. Military personnel, first responders, and low-income households, among others, can apply to www.locast.org/cares.

Locast broadcasts 40 local TV channels in Raleigh’s Designated Market Area (DMA) including WRAL NBC 5, WTVD ABC 11, WNCN CBS 17, WRAZ FOX 50, PBS, PBS Kids, as well as DABL, Univision, Antenna, CourtTV , Mystery, MeTV, TrueCrime, The CW, GetTV, BOUNCE, Quest, LAFF, COMET, HSN, GRIT, COZI, and more.

Locast is available to viewers in 23 Raleigh-Durham DMA counties including Chatham, Cumberland, Durham, Edgecombe, Franklin, Granville, Halifax, Harnett, Hoke, Johnston, Lee, Moore, Nash, Northhampton, Orange, Person, Sampson , Vance, Wake, Warren, Wayne and Wilson. The DMA also covers Mecklenburg, Virginia.

“Cable cutters”, who cancel their increasingly expensive pay-TV subscriptions, and “never-cables”, who have never subscribed to pay-TV services, represent a significant portion of Locast users. . For those who can’t afford pay TV or can’t receive an over-the-air signal, Locast is often their only link to locally broadcast news, emergency news, weather, sports and more. entertainment.

Locast was started by consumer advocate David Goodfriend, a Washington, DC-based lawyer who founded the nonprofit advocacy organization, Coalition of Sports Fans, in 2009. He helped lead the fight against the NFL and major media corporations by calling on the FCC to end the 40-year-old anti-fan sports ban rule. Sports Fans Coalition won in 2014 when the FCC unanimously voted to end the practice, giving fans better access to watch their local football team. Goodfriend founded Locast in 2018 to ensure wide availability of local TV channels.

Locast now has more than 2.7 million registered users nationwide in 33 markets – large and small – reaching more than half of the US population. Compared to most streaming services, which charge a fee, Locast is available for free.

Locast operates under the Copyright Act 1976 which allows non-profit translation services to rebroadcast local stations without receiving a copyright license from the broadcaster. Federal law (17 USC 111 (a) (5)) states that a nonprofit organization can retransmit a local broadcast signal and collect a license fee to cover operating costs. Locast asks viewers to donate as little as $ 5 per month to help cover operating costs. The donation is voluntary and not compulsory.

How to watch local TV without cable or antenna: Locast is available for streaming on www.locast.org, app stores, TiVo, streaming device providers Google Play, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon and ROKU, and on DISH Hopper / Wally receivers or certain DIRECTV receivers. Locast also offers Spanish access to the user interface, login screens and the Locast application program guide. Full local TV guides are available on www.locast.org.

About Locast
Location.org, the only nonprofit, free live television digital translation service in the United States, was founded by Sports Fans Coalition NY (SFCNY), a New York-based nonprofit fan advocacy group formed in 2017. Locast was launched in 2018 and is available in 33 DMAs. SFCNY is the first local chapter of Coalition of Sports Fans, Inc., who led the successful campaign to end the FCC’s sports ban rule and continues to stand up for fans. In 2020, Locast added over 1 million users making it one of the fastest growing live TV streaming service and was named Most Improved Streaming Service in 2020 through TechHive. As a non-profit association, Locast is supported by user donations and is available at www.locast.org. Follow Locast on Facebook and Twitter @LocastOrg.

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