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If you need a temporary cash advance payday loan, then take a look. Start now by completing the simple form for loan requests, and we’ll attempt to connect you to one of our indirect or direct lenders within a few minutes.

You can apply (even with a bad credit score) and should be approved; lenders aim to make your money available for direct deposit as soon as 1 Business day! If you believe this is the best option for you, Let’s take a closer look.

Welcome to IPASS, Get Payday Loan in Maine (ME) 

You could take out a loan of between $100-and $1,000. (Exact the minimum and maximum loan could differ based on the Maine laws and your budget).

When you fill out our secure and easy online form, we will connect you with the network of more than 101 payday lenders which accept online applications for Maine residents.

It’s called quick cash because if you ask it throughout the week, you’ll likely get it the next day! In addition, If you’re a person with a bad credit score, You can still avail yourself of our services!

More Information About the Bad Credit Loans in Maine

Our lenders are all accredited and licensed within the United States and, therefore, will not make up misleading statements such as “no checks on credit term limit.”

In reality, any good lender will run the credit check regardless of whether it’s among the top 5 credit unions.

Even though there is an insufficient credit score, this is not a guarantee to get a loan. Your loan request, as well as your lender application, will be approved!

Before making a decision, the lenders will examine a number of variables, including your income and job situation, and will thoroughly assess your application.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a long process; once you’ve been accepted, you’ll know!

How to get a payday loan in Maine?

With IPASS, you don’t have to wait in line or fill out complicated forms. The operation is accomplished in three simple stages over the internet:

1.) Apply for a loan: Use our loan request process to select the loan amount you would like to have. You will also need to enter your personal data.

2.) Connect: We’ll submit this information through the network and attempt to link you with a specific lender. In only a few minutes, you’ll know if we’re linked.

3.) Finalise: If you are connected, go to the lender’s website and fill out the application online. Once you have access to online statements, there is no need to fax because they are digitally connected.

Always read and study loan terms like interest rates, loan agreement terms, and conditions before accepting a loan.

It is only after you have signed the digital agreement the direct deposit application process will begin. 

What is a Maine Payday Loan?

Payday loans are like a wage advance. The sum is minor (typically between $100-and $1,000) and is payable in full on your next payday (no greater than 30 calendar days ).

Since there are no installments, you’re just obliged to pay a single fee for finance in addition to this payment.

This is an excellent solution for occasional financial problems that arise, like unexpected costs or the need to make a modest upfront purchase but your payment has already been paid in full.

Be informed that your bank information will be collected during the application process, implying that the process is automated.

Simple Eligibility Requirements for Maine Payday loans

The sole qualifying conditions for using our loan matching service are that you:

  • Aged 18 or older.
  • A legally resident in Maine with a permanent address.
  • Employment information or another source of income, proof of income
  • Your full name
  • Birth Date
  • Social security number
  •  A valid form of ID
  • Current address
  • Valid email and phone number
  • Active bank
  • Checking account information
  • Credit Check

Apply for a cash loan payday loan within Maine!

People have to cope with short-term financial concerns sometimes in their lives. Payday loans may be the most effective strategy to fill the void till you are repaid. A short-term loan as a financial solution can make your day. helps you save the time of connecting to direct lenders through online payday loans in Maine that can provide quick cash as quickly as the following business day of the week.


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