13 Apps That offer cash advance loans – Payday Loan Options

Is there a quicker way to get cash without going broke if you have credit difficulties? Payday loans are the fastest and most cost-effective way to get cash without going broke. They are faster than installment loans. You have many other options to get quick cash. These apps for cash advance loans are just a few taps away from your phone. 13 apps can loan you money now. These are the best payday loan options.

Sometimes you need cash fast and need a payday loan. In my life, there have been numerous times when I needed cash quickly to pay unexpected bills or get to my next paycheck.

Payday loans are often viewed as a way to get fast cash in form of cash advances. Payday loans may not be the best option. These payday loans can be costly and lead to a vicious cycle. Installment loans can be an alternative.

Advantages of the apps

Imagine being able to get a cash advance quickly and without the hassles of loans. It’s possible thanks to innovative technology. These apps are available for cash loans as an alternative to payday loans. You can also get title loans from some apps. Another alternative is a credit card cash advance.

The Best Cash Advance and Borrowing Money Apps

These are the best payday cash advance and loan money apps you can use right now:

1. Wealthfront Cash Account

Wealthfront is the most trusted Robo advisor. It also offers banking products, such as a cash bank account. You can make direct deposits to receive your cash advance faster with this account.

You may be able to get cash advances up to two days earlier, depending on which payroll provider you use. If you have trouble paying your bills on time, it can make a huge difference.

Wealthfront allows you to transfer cash advances from your Cash account to the market directly. It takes only minutes. You can use the cash advances you receive early if you are not using it for any other purpose. Once you’ve decided that you don’t need a cash advance loan to pay cash for emergencies, you can set up an automatic investment using your Cash account. Automate everything, so you never forget to invest.

2. Chime 

Chime is not a payday loan, but it allows you immediate access to your funds. It can also be used to check out products and save money. You can also avoid fees.

Traditional banks may require that you wait up to two days before your money is available. It makes it easy to get your money immediately. This will help to improve your cash flow.

Chime is not an institution of banking but a financial technology company. The Bancorp Bank and Stride Bank N.A. provide services, including debit cards. FDIC members

3. Empower

Empower provides cash advances of up to $250 without interest or late fees.

Get up to 10% cashback* from qualified merchants when you sign up for the Empower card. You also have unlimited access to over 37,000 ATMs across the country. To get your paycheck two days sooner, you can also deposit your paycheck into the Empower Card. 

For those who need cash quickly, you can apply for advances of up to $250. The advance comes with no interest payments, late fees, or credit checks. Empower will deduct the amount it advances from your account to balance it when you get your next paycheck.

Empower is not a banking institution but a financial technology firm. FDIC Member NBC bank offers banking services.

4. Axos Bank — Direct Deposit Express

Direct Deposit Express is available on the Axos Bank Essential Checking Account. Direct Deposit Express lets you access your cash advances up to two days before your paycheck arrives.

There are no monthly maintenance fees and minimum balance requirements. This account does not have overdraft fees.

5. Earnin

Earnin believes that you should be able to access your pay whenever you work. The app will connect with your  account. You’ll need information about where you work. Earnin keeps track of your work hours so you can cash out when you need.

Earnin takes money out of your paycheck when you get your actual compensation. The best thing about Earnin? Earnin is free. The app has no interest or fees. To support the company, there are no additional fees.

6. DailyPay

DailyPay doesn’t market to consumers but rather targets employers. Similar to Earnin, DailyPay functions similarly. Employees build up a balance with each hour worked. Employees can access the credit if they have cash emergencies before payday.

DailyPay deposits the money into the bank, and the payday amount gets deducted from your paycheck. DailyPay charges a fee to transfer money from your hours-worked bank account to your account. It costs $1.25 per transfer.

7. PayActiv

PayActiv users can access their earned wages before payday. They can also receive financial counseling. PayActiv is not just a payday loan. It allows users to pay their bills and even receive prescription discounts.

PayActiv offers a debit card that can be linked to your account. You can access your money quickly and easily with fraud protection. Direct deposit is available for free. However, users can choose to pay $1 per daily.

8. FlexWage

FlexWage allows employees, just like payday loans, to access their wages when they need them. Because they are easier for employees to use, these apps for cash loans have become very popular. Employers do not have to worry about the administrative headaches that come with payroll advances.

Employees who are not eligible for direct deposits from FlexWage can get reloadable payroll debit card cards. These cards are helpful for employees who cannot accept direct deposits or aren’t banked. The debit card has a $5 fee for wage transfer on request. However, it is usually less expensive than payday loans.

9. MoneyLion

MoneyLion is an excellent alternative to regular banking if you need advance loans. It also offers quick cash. MoneyLion, a membership-based bank relationship, gives you access to financial service just like a bank but without all the hassles. You may also get an affordable interest rate.

MoneyLion offers managed investment, cashback rewards, and no-fee checks. The company also offers a Credit Builder Loan at 5.99% APR. Bad credit can get a 0 loan within minutes. MoneyLion offers Instacash at zero percent APR for up to $250 before payday.

You can either get a free account with Instacash advance or upgrade to a PLUS account. It costs $29 per month, but every day you log into the app, you’ll see a dollar added to your investment account.

10. Dave

You can get a payday loan alternative just like Dave to help you get more cash before payday.

Dave is an app that helps you budget. It will help you identify and analyze your spending. It will also notify you about any future costs. If your bill is due, you will be notified. No credit check is required to get a 0% APR Advance up to $75. Dave deposits the money in your account and then subtracts it from your paycheck.

It costs only $1 per month to become a Dave member. However, you will be able to avoid overdraft fees and payday loan interest rates. Ensure that you pay attention to the annual percentage rate.

11. Rainy Day Lending

Rainy Day isn’t a lender. It doesn’t offer wage advances. The app for cash loans makes it easy to find a personal loan quickly. Within 24 hours of submitting your application, you can receive money directly into your account. You can get advanced loans faster than other financial institutions.

There will be a variation in the APR of your cash advance loan. You will be ahead in many cases if you consider the cost of overdraft fees and insufficient funds for the advance loans.

Are you on a credit card or other debt with a high-interest rate? One of our recommended balance transfer credit cards at 0% APR can help you quickly get rid of credit card debt

12. LoanSolo

LoanSolo works similarly to Rainy Day Lending. It helps you connect with online financial institutions that are open to working with you. It allows you to quickly get cash into your bank account without any hassles.

LoanSolo offers payday cash advances of up to $1,000 and personal loans up to $3,000 and up to $5,000. Variable APRs can vary depending on the lender you choose and how good your credit rating is. Payday loans can be a great way to bridge a gap or get ahead. This is usually cheaper than payday loans due to the lower fees.

13. PockBox

PockBox is another online platform that matches people with short-term lenders offering fast cash up to $2,500. You can fill out the form to be matched with a lender to deposit some money in your account within minutes.

PockBox will probably pay less than an offline or online payday lender, even though APRs vary depending on credit history.

Other ways to get quick cash are also available

No matter which cash app you use, you will be responsible for repaying any cash borrowed. If you require quick cash, here are some alternatives.

  • Ask your friends and family: Family or friends may be able to lend a hand if you have an emergency. It doesn’t usually cost anything. It’s a great way to thank your family and friends, but it should not be used too often.
  • Uber and Lyft are part of the same economy. You can earn quick money driving for Lyft and Uber. Users can quickly transfer earnings to their bank account for a small fee. You will need to go more to get the cash.
  • Can also sell your item: Join a Facebook group, 5miles, or Let Go and get rid of the stuff you don’t need.
  • You can get installment loans

Beware of Loan Sharks and Scams

Many people will take advantage of people in dire situations by being unscrupulous. There are legitimate ways of making money. Scammers promising quick cash are not to trust. Many new scams have emerged in the wake of COVID-19. They are designed to exploit those who are financially challenged by the novel coronavirus.

You should pay attention to the following:

Phishing emails:

These emails claim that your bank information is wrong, and you need to correct it to receive your stimulus payment. To go to a fake site, click on the link. You will be asked to enter your personal information once you have reached the fake website.

Lender sharks offer loans 

These predatory lenders may provide loans to you based upon a flawed calculation about the amount you will get. You could pay extremely high-interest highly rates. After receiving your cash advance loan shark payments, you might have to send all of your economic benefits payments to him.

Pay to receive help with benefits:

Some people will help you obtain benefits like the Paycheck Protection Program and unemployment benefits faster in your state. To get assistance with your paperwork, you will need to pay a small fee. These scams won’t help you get your money faster and may even cost more than the fee.

Advances on various programs:

These advances can be compared to loans you could get based on your stimulus. Based on how much assistance you receive through the PPP, they promise fast cash. These cash advances have a high-interest rate. Worse, if you are denied a cash advance, what happens? What happens if your application is denied?

Scammers and loan sharks are using the coronavirus currently to obtain your information. They will use student loan repayment and confusion over the government relief programs to get your information and have you sign the loan agreement.. Anyone who offers to pay COVID-19 fees or promises a faster short term loan is suspicious.

Payday Advance Apps – How They Work

Payday advance apps can help you get your paycheck faster to solve your financial needs. They work differently from installment loans.  It calculates the amount you have earned during your current pay period. Although you might have worked for several weeks, your payday may still be a few days away. A payday advance app could help you get $100-500 instead of waiting for your paycheck. Note that the short-term loan does not offer a long-term financial solution.

Once your payday arrives, the money is returned to you. Even though these apps are considered loans, they don’t charge interest. There might be a fee to use the app or a tip.

To use a payday loan application, you will need to connect to your bank account. The app will access your bank account data to determine how much you are eligible for. This includes information about your income and when you are paid.

Your employer can access payday advance apps. Payday advance apps can be used to get a pay advance instead of a short-term loan. On the next payday, the cash advance loan is deducted from your bank account.

You can borrow a cash advance loan for financial needs on specific apps and get a small advance. You can also repay the amount in as little as a few hours. If you don’t repay the amount borrowed, you won’t be able to get more cash advance loans.

Cash advance apps: pros and cons

Cash advance apps can have both benefits and drawbacks. Before signing up, consider the pros and cons. You may also seek credit counseling instead. 


Cash access in a flash: Once you have been approved, you’ll be able to access a short term loan immediately to solve your financial needs. Because the app is linked with your bank account, you can get a cash advance loan immediately.

Interest is not usually charged on payday loans. With most payday loan apps, you could pay up to 400% APR. Cash advance apps may charge a small fee, but it is usually less than a cash advance on your credit card.

Once approved, you can continue to use the app. This is in contrast to a cash advance loan that requires you to submit a new application each time you need additional funds.


Approval is required before you can use these applications. You will need to get approved and connect your bank accounts. Depending on the app you choose, you might need to support and secure your bank account. Some apps work with employers to offer payroll advances.

These amounts can be minimal. You can often only get $100, $250, or $500 right away. These funds are suitable for temporary needs but will not cover longer-term emergencies.

It is possible to get caught up in a vicious circle. It is easy to take out cash advance loans and spend money you don’t have. Payday advance apps can be a systematic way to get loans. You must consider your financial situation.


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