Revealed: Samuel Leach Trader Invests Huge Sums in Stock Market and Forex

Samuel Leach is one of the most exciting young equity and currency traders and Instagram The influencers there. In 2020, Yahoo Finance ranked it as a “Best trader to follow”, and it was classified 7th at the Fintech Disruptor Awards the same year, and the first quarter of 2021 showed no slackening for the entrepreneur, aged just 29.

Coming from a popular education, this trader has amassed incredible net worth through his business Samuel et Cie Trading, a real estate portfolio, personal Forex and stock transactions, sponsorships and even a book offering with Wiley.

While still at the University of Hertfordshire, I was studying for a BA (Hons) in Marketing and Advertising, Samuel began his banking career with the upscale independent private banking firm, C Hoare & Co, and competitor of Coutts. At the same time, he founded his own company Samuel Leach and Co Trading. After carefully analyzing Forex and targeted stock market investments, he was able to convert a scholarship from £ 2,000 to £ 178,000 in just one year through risky trading.

It was at this time that the foundations of his trading strategy were laid. These strategies are taught in her many weekly online courses. After sitting down a few of these lessons with Samuel this is Clearly his knowledge of the stock market and forex is well established and very mature for a 29 year old trader who has clearly established himself.

After observing Samuel’s trading strategies this is Clearly, he uses a turnkey strategy with a mix of fundamental factors and maximizing technical analysis giving himself a high probability of success with his checklist.

The way he analyzes stocks, looking for certain fundamental factors that highlight whether stocks will go down or recover, is almost unique with only a handful of traders in the industry taking a similar approach.

Samuel trades long-term stocks, also known as stocks, over a period 3-12 months period and, in some cases, consider a return of 40 to 60% for a single security. To diversify its walletit then trades short-term currencies, also known as Forex, over a range of strategic time frames such as 5, 15, and 60 minutes to take advantage of short-term market dynamics. Overall, Samuel’s strategy is sound and effective, especially over the time frame of 60 min.

Samuel and Co Trading has diversified its interests from Forex and equity trading to include algorithm development and trader education, offering standard continuing professional development courses for traders of all skill levels.

Additionally, Samuel is a published author, having written his book‘The Formula for Success: How to Win in Life Using Your Own Personal Algorithm‘in 2019, which describes his approach to trading. On top of that, he was the subject of the documentary ‘The Real Forex Trader’ and is a top Instagram influencer with an extraordinarily high number of followers.

As an investigative reporter, I have seen my fair share of scammers, bogus traders, and scammers, so I was keen to examine the details to see if the claims about this trader really stack up. Care has been taken to avoid the many fake profiles opened in her name on social media, so be sure to only follow her blue checkmark profile.

After taking a closer look at Samuel Leach, it’s clear he’s not from family money and it’s self-generated or do-it-yourself depending on your age. After exploring the financial, I can see that Samuel Leach a the the 29-year-old has amassed over £ 2million in real estate, including the new office space he recently bought for his business.

Having followed Samuel’s trading and his performance through the subscriptions of his close friends on Instagram I’ve seen Samuel buy over £ 150,000 of stock in 2021, verifying this by recording him physically opening positions via stock brokerage Hargreaves Lansdown, again shared on Instagram Stories. He also shared in his Instagram Stories a new buy to let buy too, in the London area.

After a 6 months follow-up review @samuelleach, verified by the blue check mark icon, I am pleasantly surprised to find in fact a real trader from a banking background, who shows his real trades. I estimate the net worth of stock and currency trader and entrepreneur Samuel Leach to be in the range of £ 7-7.5million, in my conservative calculation. Which, for his age and his own self-financing, I would say is an incredible success.

Posted on June 3, 2021

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