The author of “Last Days of New York” blames de Blasio and liberal policies for the city’s decline: “It’s a dark picture”

Seth Barron, a reporter and editor in New York City who has covered the area for over a decade, described what he said was the city’s decline under Mayor Bill de Blasio in his new book.

Speaking on “Fox & Friends” on Monday, he blamed de Blasio for the downfall of the city by pushing the narrative of class and racial division.

“He was in charge and he pushed the narrative of the story of two cities and the class divide and the racial divide,” Barron told host Brian Kilmeade.

“So in a way, yes, it’s his fault even though he got a lot of help.… There are a lot of socialists and progressives who supported him and were completely behind his terrible policies.” , he continued.

Barron’s book, “The Last Days of New York: The True Story of a Journalist “, “is a story of New York City from emerging from the 2008-2009 recession to the triple disaster of the pandemic, civil unrest and the 2020 income collapse,” according to his description, which also noted that de Blasio “is presented as the instrument of decline.

Speaking to “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Friday, Barron explained that the book portrayed “a dark history” for New York City.

“De Blasio and his progressive ascendant essentially hollowed out what was a prosperous and safe city,” he told host Tucker Carlson, calling it a “grim picture”.


“They did this by spreading an ideology of division, class hatred, racial hatred, racial resentment and frankly they sterilized the police and handcuffed them, besides a lot of other things like irresponsibility tax, trying to ruin the school system, political corruption. ”

Carlson asked Barron if the city is at a point where there is no turning back.

“A lot of people are very excited about the idea of ​​electing a new mayor, who could make a difference,” he replied.

“But the problem is, a lot of these issues are now entrenched, the laws have been changed, making it very difficult for the police to do their job, bail reform, criminal justice reform, the simple discovery process in the difficult. ”

Barron then warned that whoever becomes New York’s next mayor would face a “difficult situation.”


A spokesperson for de Blasio did not respond to Fox News’ request for comment. The number of shootings in May rose nearly 75% from the same month last year, while overall crime in the city rose 22% in May 2021, compared to May 2020, FOX 5 New York reported This weekend.

De Blasio has insisted the growing number of crimes will drop once criminal courts are fully reopened at the end of May – even with bail reforms that critics say make it much easier for criminals to return to the streets.

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