WatchGuard Unveils New Family of Endpoint Security Products Within WatchGuard Cloud, Just One Year After Acquisition of Panda

WatchGuard Cloud Now the MSP Management Interface of Choice for Security Delivery

LONDON, June 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – WatchGuard® Technologies, a global leader in network security and intelligence, multi-factor authentication (MFA), advanced endpoint protection and secure Wi-Fi, today announced the integration of the product family WatchGuard Endpoint Security, formerly known as Panda Adaptive Defense 360, Adaptive Defense, Endpoint Protection Plus, and Endpoint Protection – in WatchGuard Cloud. As a result, partners and customers can now deploy and manage endpoint security, network security, and MFA services through WatchGuard Cloud, enabling them to streamline security delivery, simplify operations, consolidate suppliers and strengthen the growth and profitability of the company.

“Adding endpoint security services to WatchGuard Cloud is a major change for our MSP business,” said Stuart Hall, director of Kuiper Technology. “We can now manage all of our network-to-endpoint security offerings within a unified platform and simplify everything from initial deployment and configuration to license management, renewals and reporting. “

“WatchGuard’s primary mission is to create the MSP Dream Security Platform and less than a year after acquiring Panda Security we have taken another step forward,” said Andrew Young, vice senior president of product management at WatchGuard. “MSPs need a platform that offers better coordination between critical security services. We provide next-generation anti-virus, AI-based endpoint detection and response, network security and authentication services as a unified security platform that enables MSPs to provide comprehensive protection to customers today, and we’re making it simpler and more streamlined than ever to manage. “

Regardless of the WatchGuard product categories offered by partners, the WatchGuard Cloud Platform offers a variety of operational benefits. MSPs can take advantage of fixed-term contracts, WatchGuard Points, and flexible, usage-based monthly subscriptions to source products in the way that best suits their business model. It also supports flexible options for upgrade, expansion, and licensing, along with easy installation and model-based configurations that partners can implement in multi-tiered environments and multi-tenants.

This integration is the latest example of WatchGuard’s continued commitment and investment in enabling MSPs with WatchGuard Cloud enhancements. Partners and customers have been managing Firebox security environments and AuthPoint MFA deployments through this single interface since 2019. In January 2020, WatchGuard introduced its ThreatSync capabilities in WatchGuard Cloud to unify threat intelligence, correlation, and scoring to across the WatchGuard security stack, from the network to the user. . Now, with the addition of WatchGuard Endpoint Security solutions, WatchGuard has centralized the delivery of network, endpoint and identity protection to provide a true unified security platform.

As part of the integration, the individual products previously known as Panda Endpoint Protection and Panda Endpoint Protection Plus now include the WatchGuard EPP (Endpoint Protection Platform) product; Panda Adaptive Defense is now WatchGuard EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response); and Panda Adaptive Defense 360 ​​is now WatchGuard EPDR (Endpoint Protection Detection and Response).

WatchGuard Endpoint Security solutions are available in WatchGuard Cloud today. For more information on WatchGuard’s growing product portfolio and capabilities, click here.

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