WCA Says Progressives Will ‘Tighten’ Infrastructure Bill Without Bold Climate Change Provisions

United States Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said on Thursday that progressives would “pick up” the bipartisan infrastructure bill if Democrats did not also pass a spending package that included provisions on climate change, jobs and other liberal priorities.

“House progressives are rising. We will defeat the bipartisan infrastructure bill unless we also pass the reconciliation bill,” the New York Democrat said at a town hall. virtual, according to Bloomberg News.

In an announcement Tuesday evening, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said the budget committee had reached an agreement to allocate $ 3.5 trillion to the spending program that would complement the president’s infrastructure plan. Biden.

“You add that to the $ 600 billion of a two-party plan and you get $ 4.1 trillion, which is very, very close to what President Biden asked of us,” Schumer said. “Every major program that President Biden has asked of us is solidly funded.”

The MP called the reconciliation package a “huge victory”.

“This bill is absolutely a progressive victory,” she said, according to NY1 At New York. “If it weren’t for the progressives in the House, we would probably be stuck with this pathetic little bipartisan bill.”

Democrats plan to pass the bill using reconciliation, meaning they won’t need Republican votes and can bypass a potential obstruction, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi cannot afford to lose only four Democratic votes, according to Bloomberg.


The budget will cover the costs of expanding health insurance, tackling climate change, child care and education – all of the expensive items considered to be “human infrastructure” that Republicans have said they want. ‘they would fervently reject.

However, many details of the bill still need to be worked out.

“Yes [Sen. Joe] Manchin, and in the Senate, if they approve our reconciliation bill, we will approve their bipartisan bill, ”Ocasio-Cortez said Thursday, according to Bloomberg. “And if they try to take immigration reform away, if they try to, you know, claw back on child care, climate action, etc., then we’re at a dead end, that is. ‘forbidden. “

Pelosi also said Thursday that the House could “realign” some of the provisions of the Senate package, which could risk the support of moderates in both chambers, according to Bloomberg.


Manchin, a Democrat, said he still needed information on the budget plan before accepting it and was concerned about the fossil fuel arrangements that progressives wanted since he is from Virginia- Western, a mining state.

Fox News’ Caitlin McFall contributed to this report.

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