What Beyoncé’s Songs Can Teach You About Money

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For nearly two decades, Beyoncé has given us wisdom about love and relationships, in addition to fashion inspiration and the latest dance moves – everyone knows exactly what to do when “Crazy in Love” start playing! But did you know that his words can also teach us a lot about personal finance?

What silver lessons can we learn from the melodious words of Queen Bey? The Nerds combed through the lyrics of 118 songs from his five solo albums and four Destiny’s Child albums to uncover some financial advice.

I. “Impeccable”

We say to the girls: “You can have ambition, but not too much

You must aim to be successful, but not too much

Otherwise, you will threaten the man.

I took a long time to live my life

But don’t think I’m just his little wife

Money lesson: Here, Beyoncé shows that she is a staunch advocate of equal pay among men and women. The second verse includes an excerpt from the Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and encourages women to fight against the expectations of society and create a career path.

II. “Rule the world girls)”

I represent the girls who conquer the world

Help me raise a drink for the college graduates

How we’re smart enough to make those millions

Strong enough to carry children

Then get back to business

Run the World (Girls) on Make A Gif

Money lesson: This whole song is a treasure trove of inspirational quotes. Beyoncé shows her respect and appreciation for female college graduates. She also talks about how women earn a lot of money while raising their children at the same time. Women can have it all!

III. “Invoices, invoices, invoices”

Now you’ve maximized my card (card)

Gave me bad credit, bought me gifts for my own purposes

I did not pay the first bill

Invoices, invoices, invoices on Make A Gif

Money lesson: There are pitfalls in sharing credit. If you add your partner as an authorized user on your account, you are responsible for his expenses, and it could harm your credit.

IV. “Independent women, part I”

Pay my own pleasure, oh and I pay my own bills

Always 50/50 in relationships

I worked hard and sacrificed to get what I get

Ladies, it’s not easy to be independent

Question: Would you like this knowledge that I brought

Brag about the money he gave you is in front

If you’re gonna brag, make sure it’s your money that you flaunt

Don’t depend on nobody else to give you what you want

Independent women on Make A Gif

Money lesson: Don’t depend on someone else for financial stability. Money issues are the number one cause of divorce, so make sure you and your partner are on the same page when answering these key questions.

What did we miss? What other money lessons can we learn from Beyoncé? Let us know.

Beyoncé album cover photo via Wikimedia Commons.

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